Henri Huotari

I'm an


My name is Henri Huotari, the entrepreneur behind Huotari Solutions. Currently, I am working at Sumo Apps as Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer and I build my own company on my free time.

Innovator & AI Developer.

I'm skilled in AI image generation development and I have a strong background in software development. I have a strong interest in the field of AI and I'm currently working on a project that will revolutionize the way we use AI in our daily lives.

  • Website: www.huotari.solutions
  • City: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Age:
  • Degree: Information- and Communications Technology Engineer
  • Email: henri@huotari.solutions

Contact me if you have any questions or if you want to work with me. I'm always open to new opportunities and challenges.


I have a lot of experience from school, work and personal projects. As developers do, I too, am still learning every day.

HTML 100%
Stable Diffusion AI 80%
CSS 80%
Node 90%
JavaScript 75%
Lightroom 75%
Python 70%
PHP 70%
CI/CD 70%
React/React Native 75%
Photoshop 80%
3D modeling 70%


I'm a year old engineer and entrepreneur, with a good morale and a positive attitude. In my opinion, development is not something you learn once and do forever, but rather learn every day and adapt to these changing times in technology while working.


Henri Huotari

Innovative extrovert with experience in AI, web development, testing, graphic design and 3D modeling.

  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • henri@huotari.solutions


Information- and Communication Technology Engineer

2018 - 2022

Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences

Software Development Engineer

Vocational Qualification in Business Information Technology

2013 - 2016

POKE Vocational College

This degree gave me base knowledge in ICT, development and business.

Professional Experience

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

09/2023 - Present

Sumo Apps, Helsinki, Finland

  • Developing Sumo AI.
  • Creating the Sumo AI API for image generation, editing and scaling.
  • Bringing ideas from 0 to production.

Head of Partnerships

04/2022 - 08/2023

Sumo Apps, Helsinki, Finland

  • Developing AI features for Sumo Paint. Create, Instruct & Reimagine modes.
  • Taking care of partnerships between Sumo and other companies, organizing collaborative efforts with various products.
  • Customer service supervision and management.
  • Testing and development of products.

Quality Assurance Manager

05/2020 - 04/2022

Sumo Apps, Helsinki, Finland

  • Lead in manual testing and making sure the changes and upgrades in our app features doesn't break other features.
  • Making content for the community, including but not exclusive to youtube videos, support videos, support pages.
  • Developing our Laravel environment to further service our purpose.

Customer Service Specialist

2017 - 2020

DNA, Jyväskylä, Finland

  • Customer service and sales over the phone.
  • Co-managed a 6 person sales team with great results.
  • Great feedback from our customers about my service.
  • Created sales presentations and proposals for co-workers and supervisors

Military Service - Photographer

01/2017 - 09/2017

Finnish Defence Forces, Air Force Band, Tikkakoski, Finland

  • Created tons of video and still content for the Air Force Band during my 255 days of service.
  • Finished my service with great recommendations from my supervisors.
  • Managed to do a two man job successfully by myself.
  • Kept up with deadlines in a very hectic schedule of the Defence Forces.


Feel free to contact me with any questions, I'll get back to you in a day or two.


Tallinn, Estonia